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Rustic Floating Wooden Nightstand with Drawers - White
Special Price $189.99 Regular Price $271.41
Curved Wooden Floating Nightstand, Handmade Bedside Table - Cape Town
Special Price $169.00 Regular Price $241.43
Montessori Table and Chair Set for Kids - Natural
Special Price $95.90 Regular Price $137.00

New Designs

 Floating Nightstand with Drawer - CapeTown
Special Price $187.83 Regular Price $268.33
Unique Style Floating Nightstand with Shelf - Tokyo
Special Price $268.33 Regular Price $383.33
 Floating Nightstand with Drawer - Nairobi
Special Price $187.83 Regular Price $268.33

Hofina is a brand that produces and sells minimalist wooden household products and modular products for your living spaces.

Our aim is to produce quality, minimalist, wooden, modular products and wooden products for the home, unlike traditional modular products made of mdf-lam and chipboard. The products you buy from us; It is made of 100% wood and produced using paint materials that do not harm you and your health. They are simple products that you can assemble in minutes and are much easier to install than products on the market.

The products you will buy from Hofina are suitable for disassembly and assembly many times compared to modular furniture made of particleboard. You can use it for many years as it can maintain the strength of the first day in every combination.

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